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             This institution was given a base or identification and structure, 3 years backing the year 2000. With the new millennium, started new institution, which aspires to spread the message of right ways of gaining knowledge and leading life. Our Hon. Trustee Mr. Hitendra Thakur, M.L.A & who is working hard for the betterment of society and the country cherished this, “Dream Come True Project”. This institution is managed and run by “Vishnu Waman Thakur Charitable Trust”.

          This College laid its foundation stones by commencing with Junior College which is called as Utkarsha Mahavidyalaya and proceeded forward to Degree College i.e. Viva College, with courses like B.A, B. Com, B. Sc, B. Sc (IT), B. Sc (Comp. Sc.), B.M.S & B.M.M. All there additional courses are been included within a span of just 3 Years. The strength of the college is 6000 approx.

         Our Hon. Principal Dr. Radhemohan Sharma who has always led the institution from the front, has played an important role in maintaining disciplined and controlled environment if the college. His speeches & advices to the students are just like Lord Krishna speaking to “Arjuna”. He has adopted the trend of “Simple living & high thinking” for the students to follow and acquire. He is the “Captain” of such ship, which has just begun its journey. A “Journey” which has lots of hazards & obstacles, but it is capable enough to reach its “Destination” one day or the other.

          This institution has a well-experienced and professional faculty who has been strong with Qualification and Experience. They have made learning an “Art of Gaining Knowledge” through practical approach i.e. learning is not just an activity of attending lectures, but it is a process of exchange of thoughts and ideas through interaction and discussion. They are the motivators who have been able to drag the students on the paths of leading on independent and successful life.

          Far from the Madding Crowd, this college is a well-structured and organised institute with all the modern infrastructure facilities and amenities. It has a large computer lab with a capacity of 100 computers. It has a physics lab, chemistry lab, and biology lab, even Dark Room where IT students are taught to handle a Net Meeting. The other attribute of this college is its library, which is equipped with books read round the globe. “Silence” is a discipline in the atmosphere of the library. Other features are colorful & spacious canteens, where gets delicious and fresh food of their choices; the college even has a “Gymkhana” with all the amenities of a “Health Spa”.

          Ours is a college that takes a long-term view. So, when we think of these three years, we simply think that it is a great start. There is so much more coming in the future. We are thinking of the new facilities that will come our way, the new programs, and the new that we can do. The new achievements that we will be able to accomplish, “Our Reputation” is the things we do today, the behaviour we exhibit today, will be an example for others to follow tomorrow.



The College Book Bank provides textbooks to poor and needy students. Students coming from poor families are advised to apply immediately after, they admitted to the College. Students will have to produce Income Certificate and they will have to appear before the Book Bank Committee for an interview.




The college gymkhana provides facilities to interested students to participate in sport and games, foreign and Indian.

The college sends out teams individually and teams to represent College in various tournaments. Students who violated rules of discipline will not be permitted to participate in games & sports.


The College Gymkhana Council will consists of elected class representative as well as nominated students who have shown proficiency in various activities both academic & Sports. Students contesting the elections will have strictly to abide by rules regarding the conduct of elections. Only students eligible as per the rules will be allowed to contest the elections.


The Prize Distribution Ceremony for the college will be celebrated towards the end of the year i.e. on the last day preceding the Christmas Vacation.




Laboratory: Physics, Electronics, Chemistry, Maths well equipped.

Library Books & Journals: List available on request.